How to upgrade your car - With no problem (Part 2)

After everyone loved the first part, we want to share more ideas about how you can upgrade your car with no problem and for cheap.
1. Shift Knob - Add color or an accent piece to your car’s shift knob. It can be something cool that matches the color or adds an accent, or an awesome conversation piece.
2. Neon Ground FX - Ohhhh for the love of neon, this was the number one coolest thing you could do to your car in the 90’s. It didn’t matter how fast your car went, how rough of shape it was in, or how old it was, if you had “neons” under your car lighting up the street for everyone to notice you, it didn’t get much cooler… and it's still pretty cool today, when used correctly. Careful not to "Tron" out your car.
3. Steering Wheel Cover - An easy way to make a quick mod is to get a matching or stylish steering wheel cover. They come in all colors, materials and there are even heated ones for the winter.
4. Grille Inserts - One of my favorite ways to bling out your car without looking tacky is getting a customized grille for your car. These look especially awesome on trucks.
5. Pinstriping - A great way to add flair to a vehicle, especially an American muscle car, pinstriping is still very in. When done correctly it adds an awesome dimension to your car’s exterior.
6. Decals - NItto, Brembro, NOS, Flowmaster, Alpine… go ahead and put a brand decal to let the world know every upgrade or modification your car is packing. Or don’t, because it’s a little tacky to add random logos to your car, but it used to be all the rage. If you do add them, don’t do it to show off, do it because you are a proud supporter or sponsor of the brand, or maybe just add a few. There are other novelty decals which can also personalize your car to show off all your family members or sports & hobbies or even pets that are important to you. I personally prefer window decals because you don’t run the risk of them burning their shape into your car over the years as the sun bleaches out the panels around it.
7. Remove Your Front License Plate - If your state laws allow, this is the easiest and the most inexpensive modification you can do. All you’ll need is a screwdriver. Take off your front plate and leave it off. It takes away from the aggressive and sleek face of your car with it’s hideous color and number sequence.
8. Interior Dome Light - A fun way to add color to your car, if you don’t typically need to use your dome light to see, is to add a colored bulb to your vehicle’s dome light.
9. Door Lock Accents - Some people have made a trend customizing or blinging out their door locks. If it works with your motif, go for it.
10. Custom Hood Ornament - A really cool way to personalize your car is with the addition of a customized hood ornament. You don’t need to put the Spirit of Ecstasy on there but there are a wide variety of modern and antique additions that can really add an awesome focal point to your vehicle.


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