How to upgrade your car - With no problem.

We love our cars. So many makes and models of cars out there for people to choose from, there really is something for everyone. While most cars come with amazing features, beautiful paint jobs and gorgeous interiors, there is still that, for lack of a better term, “drive” in us all that wants our personal car to be as unique as the driver. We not only want it to stand out and make a statement in the car mod and aftermarket community, we want to add that personal touch that makes it ours, give it a signature style if you will. One that hopefully won’t break the bank.
There are so many types of car modifications (mods) you can add to your car. Most people love the performance mods and the mods that completely reform the vehicle’s body style and aerodynamics and look, such as suspension, turbo, exhaust, body kits, performance wheels… but these types of mods can be extremely costly. They are the ones that break the bank - but they are the ones that take your car’s performance and abilities as well as style and look to the next level.
1. Headlight Covers - Use to protect your headlights from damage, they are a very easy to install car modification that can change the shape, color and look of your headlights. 
2. Vanity Plate - Vanity plates are a fun way to personalize your vehicle by creating a specific license plate. Rules for these plates vary state by state.
3. Fog Lights & Fog Light Upgrades - Fog lights are usually an easy upgrade for some cars. If they don’t have them usually there’s a place for them in the front bumper. If you do have them, you can upgrade the light bulbs to a different type of light or color, to change the look of your car
4. Headlight Upgrades - HID4 (High Intensity Discharge) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) are the new trend for cars these days. If you have an older vehicle, you probably have halogen headlights. You can purchase conversion kits at most auto stores to upgrade and give a new look to old headlights.
5. Interior LED Lighting Kit - This was all the rage when I learned how to drive. If you had an Interior LED Lighting Kit in your car, you were the coolest kid on the block. Nowadays you can use LED Light Kits to brighten up your interior and add really cool splashes of color and accents around the inside of your vehicle. Use them tastefully and sparingly.
6. Seat Covers - Whether you wan to hide old upholstery stains and tears, give your interior a new look or color, or you’ve always wanted “leather”, seat covers are the way to go. They make them for the front and back seats, they couldn’t be simpler to install, and they come in the widest variety of materials, styles and colors.
7. Car Wrapping & Racing Stripes - Not necessarily the cheapest car mod, but it’s definitely cheaper than getting a new paint job. They can instantly transform your car into something really incredible, and they come in any color you can think of. If you have the patience for it, you can attempt to do this yourself, but you may need help and you’ll definitely need a dust free garage to do it in. Some people wrap their entire car while others use it as accents to wrap just the side mirrors, hood or even spoiler. If you get tired of it, you can pull it off and get your original color back. You can mirror chrome out your entire car in silver or pink, or even give it an awesome matte murdered out finish that will take your car's old paint job from zero to sixty overnight. That same vinyl can be used to add a racing stripe to your car as well. This application is totally doable - (I taught myself years ago and I have to admit, it came out really cool…) Just use a lot of soap to make sure you lay out the stripe so it’s straight, before you squeeze it out and make it stick.
8. Windshield Wipers - A great way to add accent color to your vehicle, windshield wipers, more so the wiper brackets, come in different styles and colors that can improve your car’s coolness factor.
9. Aftermarket Audio - You can choose to do a modest upgrade, or you can go total Mad Max Fury Road out the back of your hatch… adding speakers, subwoofers or a new digital face to your car’s sound system can take it to the next level.
10. Emblem/Insignia - A cool trend in car upgrades is to bling out or color up your car’s maker emblem. You can find them in all different colors and materials to match the look you’re trying to create with your ride


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